Ranking the Most Charitable Tech Companies Over the Past 20 Years

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The tech companies are playing an important role in supporting the charitable trusts. The tech companies have grown with a great speed over the past few years. The most remarkable thing about these tech companies is that the CEOs of most of the tech companies feel pain for the poor people and they are eager to help out the humanity.

It doesn’t mean that other industries are not playing their role in helping the poor people but when it comes to talking about the tech industry, the tech industry has beaten all other industries in this race and they are going to give a very big lead to the other industries over the next years. If you regularly follow AuthorityAdviser on Facebook, you must be aware of the charities that are offered by different tech companies to the charitable trusts in the last year.

However, if you missed to see those posts, you can take a look at the information below because we are going to share some valuable information about the tech companies that have offered high amount of charity to the charitable trusts over the past 20 years. Here are some of the tech companies that have offered a huge amount of charity to the charitable trusts.


The Amazon is a giant in the ecommerce industry. Amazon has been paying lots of charity to the charitable trusts over the past 20 years and recently, they have introduced a new site named AmazonSmile for the customers where they can easily support their favorite charities without having to be worried about any kind of costs. They are selling the same products at very affordable rates. Thus, there are many customers that are participating in this noble act.


Who doesn’t know the name of the Microsoft? Even you are still using the Windows Microsoft on your computer to read this article. So, the CEO of Microsoft has become one of the richest persons in the world. And he has used this opportunity to help the poor people. The Microsoft has helped the poor people of Africa during different calamities. Thus, Microsoft is one of the top tech companies that are helping poor people for more than 20 years. Click Here and find some more information about the Microsoft.


Salesforce started in 1999 and it became very popular within a few years. When it comes to charitable giving, Salesforce has adopted a 1/1/1 Model. Thus, Salesforce is also one of the leading companies in the tech industry that are paying charity for different charitable causes. There are many other tech companies that are continuously playing an important role in helping poor people.